KnowYour.Fish CatchIDs are the key to enabling true end-to-end traceability and sustainability throughout the seafood supply chain

CatchIDs produced by KnowYour.Fish are unique brandable statements of traceability for the seafood you find at your local restaurant or supermarket - making it easy to learn more about the story of your fish or shellfish and verify its journey from catch to plate.

For suppliers and buyers of seafood within the supply chain, CatchIDs are used to support and verify purchasing decisions relating to your business' traceable and sustainable sourcing commitments.

Sample CatchIDs

Explore our sample CatchIDs below for more details on how they can be used to promote your products throughout the seafood supply chain.

CatchIDs at a Glance

Follow along below to learn more about how CatchIDs can make a difference for your brand and business within the seafood supply chain.

Storied Fish

Educate your customers about the origins of your seafood such as the harvester who caught your fish, where and how it was caught, and when it was brought back to the dock.

Provide your audience with optional key data elements (KDEs) from fishery level activity such as harvest dates, temperatures at time of catch, and shipment details.

Certifications and Ratings

Show your customers how sustainable your seafood is. Harvest and landing details are ranked and rated against well recognized sustainability and eco-label programs such as Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise with results made available through the entire supply chain.

Don't use Seafood Watch or OceanWise? Talk to us about we can optionally support your preferred local or regional ranking, rating or eco-label programs.

Chain of Custody

Allow your buyers and customers to discover and verify the journey of your seafood along the supply chain and learn more about the businesses involved and other types of traceable and sustainable products they provide.

Activity Views

A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn about where the harvest occurred at a local or regional level, be it on open water, river, or fixed farming locations.

Fishery Management and Governance

Promote to your customers how your fisheries are managed and the groups behind the traceable and sustainable products that they consume.

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