What We Do

The team at Vericatch is committed to building fishery data software that positively impacts the fishing industry and our environment.

Our work with electronic reporting, fishery management analytics, and supply chain systems brings the true benefits of responsible fishing back to the fishing industry.

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Why We Are Different

Vericatch was founded in 2006 by fishermen and technologists who saw the benefits of working together to improve the profitability and sustainability of the industry. Today, Vericatch continues to embody the diverse talents and skills of our founders while leveraging experience from fishermen, leading marine science organizations and global technology companies.

Our Values

At Vericatch we believe that great data is at the core of sustainable fisheries management. We want to help fisheries succeed by partnering with industry and stakeholders to leverage value from fishing data. This is why we listen carefully and work closely with global and local stakeholders to build strong relationships, and create products that are easy to use, low cost and flexible to fit each unique fishery.


Together, we’re building a better future. Sustainability starts with information – we are proud to design, develop, and support solutions that contribute to the sustainability of the fishing industry and the communities it supports.

Information is transformative, and we at Vericatch are committed to creating tools that build a better future for the fishing industry and our world.

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