True Seafood Traceability

Bringing end-to-end verified traceability to the seafood supply chain.

A Traceable and Transparent Supply Chain

KnowYour.Fish gives consumers and the seafood industry the information they need to make a positive difference with their purchasing decisions and support fishing communities who are working towards a sustainable future.

Know Your Fish with a CatchID

CatchIDs make it easy for consumers and others in the supply chain to know their fish, from the fisherman who caught it, the company that processed it, the distributor who got it to it's destination, all the way to the restaurant or retailer or who served and sold it.

It's a fascinating journey and one that's easy to verify with KnowYour.Fish.

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Industry-Changing Partnerships

We work with industry-leading organizations like FishWise, Monterey Bay Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise and SeaChoice to effect positive change and make a tangible difference in the future of fishermen, fisheries and the fishing industry around the world. Their support, expertise and partnership are invaluable and we are excited about the difference we can make together.

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