Verified seafood supply chain traceability through data and technology

KnowYour.Fish was created by Vericatch, a Canadian company founded by fishermen and technologists with over a dozen years of experience working with industry, individual harvesters, and regulators.

Vericatch's core products - FisheriesApp and KnowYour.Fish - are used at sea and at the point of offload to record catch data about what species was caught, by whom, and where. A great deal of data is required in well-run fisheries, and it makes sense to share that data to verify the origin of seafood entering the supply chain and extend that verification along the full supply chain as well.

Seafood traceability has long been less-than-perfect and seafood fraud and mislabelling is rampant around the world.

These shortfalls boil down to one issue - can I verify it?

KnowYour.Fish addresses that key verification issue and was developed with the help of the world's leading seafood sustainability NGOs. We have done this without driving costs and with the aim of accelerating the move to well-managed fisheries, improving the economics of commercial fishing, and keeping fishing communities as sustainably vibrant places to live and work.

Vericatch is proud to be a socially responsible company.