Make a difference in the future of fisheries and the fishing industry

KnowYour.Fish is made up of a group of collaborative, flexible, future-thinking, and sustainability-focused individuals. Together with our partners we're working towards a sustainable future for the fishing industry and the environment.

The ocean is vast and no one business or solution can solve the problems that face it - overfishing, ghost fishing, IUU, unmanaged fishing, and more - but when we combine our knowledge, our expertise, and our experience we can effect change and make a difference.

Along with our partners we share our learnings, develop best practices, make connections, and create solutions, all with the goal of helping fishermen, the fishing industry, and supporting a sustainable future.

Fisheries have plans and ideas they want to put into action. NGOs bring best-practices and help create a bridge between policy makers and consumers. Technology and process owners like KnowYour.Fish help turn these ideas and best practices into working solutions.

We work with industry-leading organizations, NGOs, academics, local communities and service providers.