For Businesses

KnowYour.Fish's seafood traceability platform offers unparalleled supply chain transparency

Our mandate is to deliver accurate, verified, and traceable harvest and transport details for retailers, restaurants, distributors, wholesalers, processors, and fishermen.

KnowYour.Fish offers the businesses and organizations we work with a competitive advantage, positive brand recognition, and the chance to be part of creating an economically strong and socially responsible future for the fishing industry.

  • With data from the source of the catch you can reassure your customers by selling verifiable seafood
  • Access up-to-date supply chain information
  • Build sales volume with key customers
  • Protect brand integrity by pinpointing seafood source
  • Minimize risks and costs of seafood fraud
  • Expand into new markets with traceable seafood offering
  • Opportunity for your customers, retailers and restaurants to upsell seafood
  • Tell the story of the role you play in traceable and sustainable seafood supply chains